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Aes PRO series is made entirely by hand, made from copper sheets of thickness 0.8mm of better quality, in order to ensure maximum sound performance. Our sets are able to meet the needs of both novice who looks out for the first time to the world of drums, both of whom, like the veteran is looking for something new and that spouses fully their needs.

The CQuadro offers 3 main sets: The Pro, Pro II and Pro III.

The material used for the construction of drums, vibrating with an intensity much higher than traditional drums, it develops a volume of harmonic and non-existent in the classical wood drums. Regarding the transportation of the instrument can also say that, thanks always to the minimum thickness of the sheets used, our drums do not exceed by no means the weight of a drums of wood, indeed, a wood drums with a good bill clearly exceeds the weight of a stem made of copper. The set will respond in a whole new way, providing volume and acoustic definition is dynamic with high and with low dynamic: they allow the drummer to demonstrate its expressiveness, however, maintaining and enhancing his touch. These characteristics create a new relationship between the drummer and his instrument: power, definition, versatility and transport. All features that put our drums on the highest quality groups, not envying nothing to the best brands in the industry, being able at their expense, claim a comprehensive and accurate realization that meets the needs of every drummer.

Do not forget that the Cquadro is strictly a "craft" laboratory, which does not limit the choice of model, you can have fun creating your own sets: choosing the diameter, depth and number of pieces. You can further customize your drums with graphics made strictly "hand", making their own set definitely unique. Each model provides the same type of shell, only the differences are inherent to the mechanical housed; the choice of a type of mechanical compared to another varies only in proportion to the different reactions about the passage of time, to the best or worst reliability during the transport.


The series Aes ensures optimum performance even in large stages live and in the recording studio, which is why this series was chosen as the standard for recording studios as already Greenfog Studio (Genova), Zen Arcade (Catania) Analog Audio Argent ( Ragusa). This series has been chosen by drummers such as Luca Ferrari (Verdena), Antonio Zitarelli (Mombu), Davide Oliveri (UZEDA), Frank Valente (Il teatro degli Orrori), Saverio Malaspina (Meganoidi), Fabio Rondanini (Calibro 35, Niccolò Fabi), Massimo Palermo (Brunori SAS), Francesco Cusa, Simona Norato (Iotatola), Giusto Correnti (Dimartino) and many others.